Nova mandarines

Nova, a sibling of the Lee, Osceola, and Robinson mandarins, is a hybridof Clementine mandarin and Orlando tangelo. The tree grows vigorously and can be thorny. The medium-sized fruit is usually subglobose and hasa slightly pebbled thin reddish-orange rind that is easily peeled. The flesh is dark orange, fine-textured, and juicy with a sweet, rich flavor. In mixed plantings, Nova fruits are moderately seedy, but in isolation the fruits are seedless but less plentiful. Nova matures in early winter and holds well on the tree. Fruit much like Orlando in size and form, medium-large, oblateto subglobose and without neck; base slightly rounded; apex nearly flat. Rind thin, leathery, moderately adherent but easily peelable; surface slightlypebbled; color deep yellowish-orange at maturity (deeper than Orlando). Segments about 11, easily separable; central axis medium in size and open. Flesh color deep orange; juicy; flavor pleasant. Seeds numerous in mixed plantings, polyembryonic, and with light green cotyledons. Colors andmatures very early (considerably ahead of Orlando).

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